Jersey Fitting & Parent Meeting

All players and parents should make plans to attend the Jersey Fitting and Parent Meeting on Nov 18.  We’ll be at Friendship Christian from 9am till 10:30.  You’ll get a chance to try on jersey’s and gear, as well as place orders for all of your gear for the season.  We will also be talking about the tournament schedule for this upcoming season.

Tryout Dates and Times

It’s here!  You can now register for tryouts for the 2017-2018 season.  All Tryouts are at Lebanon High School.

Oct 15:  13’s – 1-3pm; 14’s – 3:15-5:15pm; 12’s – 6-7:45pm

Oct 22: 15 & 16’s – 10am till Noon; 17 & 18’s – 2:15-4:15pm

Register at

2017-18 Coach Assignments

We are proud to announce our strongest lineup of coaches ever!  Below you will find the coaches list as of Oct 19.

12 – Dora Markovic

13 – Megan Buchannan

14 – Jenna Goodman/Phil Wilson

14-2- Kara Snell

15 – John Stephens/Madison Bryant

15-2 – Shane Olsen

16 – Christian Lowe

16-2 – Caprisha Webster

17- Ashton Perez

18 – Maci Lerno

2017-18 Coaches Announced

We are excited to announce that the following Coaches will be with us for the 2017-18 season (team assignments will be released soon):

John Stephens
Megan Fisher
Sara Glassman
Meg Buchannan
Taylor Casper
Kara Snell
Christian Lowe
Dora Markovic
Maci Lerno
Caprisha Webster
Jenna Goodman
Pil Wilson